Payroll Services for Employers

Temporary workers are a great way to keep your company agile and profitable, but managing the hiring process without a staffing partner can be difficult. Hiring employees comes with time consuming administrative duties, such as managing benefits, timesheets and payroll for your employees. When you hire temporary employees through Tri-Starr, we can save you time and money by managing these processes.

Whether you have hundreds of temporary employees, or just a few, managing temp employees can be a nightmare for your human resources department. The time investment alone of onboarding temp employees and the internal processes of setting up benefits and payroll can sometimes negate or reduce the cost savings of hiring temporary workers. That’s where staffing companies like Tri-Starr come in.

We Fit Your Payroll Needs

To save you both time and money, Tri-Starr offers administrative and payroll services including:

  • Providing benefits plans to the employee — Any workers employed through Tri-Starr receive a benefits package from our agency, saving you thousands in benefits plus the time it would take your human resources department to educate employees on their benefit options.
  • Employee time tracking — We will work with you to set up a customized time tracking system and double check all submitted time cards to ensure accuracy and prevent inconsistencies that can delay your payroll and HR processes.
  • Processing payroll — Our experienced payroll services staff will work with your team and all temp employees to keep everyone on the same page, ensuring payroll runs on time and error-free. You can rest easy knowing our payroll services are compliant with all state and federal regulations.
  • W-2 processing and taxes — Taxes can be a nightmare for any employer, but when Tri-Starr is in the mix, there’s no question your payroll taxes are done right.

Don't Let Payroll Difficulties Hold You Back 

Need reporting tailored to your specific industry? We can do that too! We understand that managing temp employees, contractors, part-time and full-time employees can be confusing and could lead to errors. When you use us to fill your employee vacancies, Tri-Starr’s experienced and knowledgeable payroll services team can take the payroll processing burden off your shoulders and eliminate the administration and payroll headaches that hiring temp employees can bring to your business.
Filling your temporary, part-time, full-time and contract vacancies through Tri-Starr just makes sense. Let us save you the hassle and ensure your human resources department keeps running like a well-oiled machine. It’s our pleasure to ease your staffing and payroll burden. Contact us today to learn more about the custom payroll services we can provide to fit your business’ unique needs.

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